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Simba UV Sterilizer (Booth: N07)

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The AWARD WINNING UV Sterilizer from Taiwan that uses TOP QUALITY Phillips UV sterilizing tube!

Don't play play with your child's health! Get the Simba UV Sterilizer with 4-in-1 function!

SIMBA UV Sterilizer 4 in 1 Disinfect, Deodorize, Sterilize with Drying function!

It's more than a bottle sterilizer. Use SIMBA UV Sterilizer to sterilize baby's silicone teether. And when baby outgrows the sterilizer, you can put in ceramic utensils and stainless steel cutlery!

Hassle-Free Cleaning!

 No more clutter on your kitchen counter, no more transferring of bottles onto a separate drying rack and no more descaling as SIMBA UV Sterilizer doesn't use water!


  • Extra large capacity yet energy efficient.

  • Can accommodate up to 8 pieces of wide neck feeding bottles

  • UV rays kills bacteria in the air and prevents growth of bacteria

  • Anion deodorizes to remove odour and clean the air

  • Smart operation with microcomputer controlled touch panel

  • Safe operation – power auto shut when door is open during operation

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A: No minimum spent is required

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A: Yes, vouchers is only valid for use at SuperMom Baby Fair from 25-27 August 2017 at Suntec Convention Centre.

Q: Can the $1 SuperMom Cash Vouchers be used together with other SuperMom Cash Vouchers?

A: Yes, SuperMom Cash Vouchers of various denominations are stackable

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A: Each voucher is to be fully redeemed at one exhibition booth. This means that a single voucher cannot be split up and used across purchase from different exhibitors.

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A: Yes. If payment is not successfully made via Smoovpay, it will not be considered a valid reservation

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